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So what’s new in the blogging world of 2019

I’ve often wondered how many active bloggers still post. With social media giants like Facebook and Instagram having their hands in everything, I doubt there was any room left for the bloggers.

So I’d like to hear from y’all on what’s new and exciting or has blogging changed or is it slowing dying like an old gateway processor from 1995. Painful to watch.

So What’s new???

Ps…Oh by the way…

Happy St Patrick’s Day


Tales from the work place.

Well let’s start with my daily commute and I’ll work my way from there. I can’t divulge much as my employer is Federally accredited, or can I?

Well it doesn’t matter, for now I work in Orange County, CA. My commute since my employment began has been an adventure from the various types of transportation and navigation apps i used.

And what have I learned? Well for one I miss my old neon, she was a badass four banger with a set of truck nuts. (4cylinder- stick shift). She had 13 miles when I bought her on February 13, 2003. She was flame red with black interior. She was a standard edition and nothing fancy either, not even auto windows. But she was 100% mine.

She finally quit on Katella and Euclid when her timing chain broke back in September 2015. I hope I am lucky enough to find another badass car this fall. So what else have I learned?

Some of the apps I used were cool but none of them could get me home any faster then just driving thru freeway traffic on the 405 and at five pm. But the traffic stressed me out so bad that after a twelve year hiatus, I started smoking cigarettes again.

So it really didn’t take much to convince me to try riding the bus into work. And as much as I disliked riding the bus in the beginning, it’s still way better then driving bumper to bumper in five o’clock traffic with cigarette after cigarette.

PsSmoking is very unattractive and gross, plus I started dating.

In spite of my mini rant here, I learned that I want to start writing, and blogging again but this time I’m happy. Happier!

Light rain in Southern California in May?….

Isn’t this weekend the beginning of grilling season and out here in Orange County it’s been cloudy, cold and gloomy, all week. But today started with light rain in morning and Saturdays is more of today.

Now I’m not complaining, believe me when I say

” I don’t do the sun or heat well and the sweating my body does from excessive heat turns me into ..

An crabby asshole!

If I’m going to make a comeback at blogging, or at writing again. I plan to come back as I really am.

Warning heavy sarcasm may be present!

I am non filtered

I can be emo, passionate

Outspoken, blunt, brutally honest, sincere and passionate.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and have no poker face.

I say fuck a lot.

So in closing I’ll leave y’all with this.

You’ll either love or hate me, there is no middle with this Sagittarius .

Hey please leave a comment, my blog needs a pulse again !!! Lol!!


Am I back…

I don’t know, so much has changed for me last few years, I no longer cook like I once did and maybe just maybe that’s where I need to begin at.

Today, not last year or last month but the now, today….

Well see…


Quote of the day

“We are children. You guys are the adults. Work together, come over your politics, and get something done.” – Parkland survivor David Hogg



The kids who survived the Parkland shooting bring a firsthand authority to the gun debate that adults can’t match. They’ve kept the issue of gun control in the media a full week after the shootings. These teens are truly extraordinary and this movement will persevere. Nothing is too strong to overcome as long as you have solidarity with everybody around you.



Question of the day.

How does one resurrect their blog from the dead. I know how to bounce back, hell ive had the miss fortune in life of starting from scratch more then once in my 51 years. I’m a fighter and survivor.

Yet my blog remains flatlined…

Leave no cat behind

Hit your horn before starting your car up, there may be a cat seeking shelter from the rain in your car!



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